• Scrub Me With Agave & Poppy Seed
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Scrub Me With Agave & Poppy Seed

Our 5 * Body Sugar Scrub exfoliates and cleanses the skin, taking the dead skin and dirt away, then by just rinsing off the sugar it  leaves your skin moisturized and soft.

Do you want your skin to be soft, smooth and moisturized, but without feeling greasy? You deserve that skin!


The Agave Extract comes from Agave Americana, a plant which thrives in the hot Mexican desert. This unique little plant has adapted itself brilliantly to survive the harsh environment by storing water in its cells. And, because of its antiseptic, healing, and anti-inflammatory abilities, it’s been used for centuries in traditional Ayurvedic remedies (yogis take note).

  • Helps to moisturise the skin
  • Rich in vitamins B1, B2, C, D, K, and provitamin A 
  • Anti-inflammatory properties 
The use of poppy seeds in all natural skin care products is becoming very popular due to their gentle yet very effective exfoliation properties. Mild enough for everyday use, poppy seeds used in soaps and scrubs bring back that youthful appearance to your skin. They also remove impurities and built up oils and grime.

Suggested Use:

We recommend 1-2x a week, but our 5* Sugar Scrub can be used daily, It cleanses all the dirt away and polishes the itchy dead skin off to reveal gorgeous healthy skin

To Use:

  • Dampen skin
  • Take about a coin sized amount of Sugar Scrub and spread out onto both hands.
  • Apply, cleanse & scrub then thoroughly rinse all the sugar off
  • Pat or towel dry
  • Massage the natural oils into your skin.

You are now fully cleansed and moisturized and remember your skin deserves to feel this good!


 Granulated sugar, Agave extract extract,poppy Seeds,  Fragrance,Colourant 


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