• Rosehip & Cucumber Seed Oil Eye Serum
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Rosehip & Cucumber Seed Oil Eye Serum


Anti-aging & Revitalizing eye serum with Rosehip & Cucumber oil is nourishing and soothing and an effective line smoother.

After each use of this revitalizing eye serum the eye area is refreshed, revitalized and toned.

This is achieved by combining Cucumber seed oil for its soothing and hydrating properties; Rosehip oil renown for its dramatic effect on fine lines, wrinkles, scars and pigmentation; Jojoba oil for its remarkable anti-oxidant and moisturizing properties and Vitamin E which is s a powerful antioxidant that may help reduce free radical damage and slow the aging process of your cells.

SKIN TYPES: Our serum is light and quickly absorbed by the skin and it is suitable for sensitive, tired and irritated eyes. 

USE: Roll on to the delicate area around the eyes.

PACKAGING: 10ml roll on bottle.

STORAGE: Cool place away from sunlight.

INGREDIENTS: Cucumber Seed oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Vit E.

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