Subscription Boxes FAQ

Let's make your life more enjoyable with this totally blissful monthly arrival! 

Mystic Mermaids monthly subscription box  is truly unique each month, featuring some of our latest products (you get them first), limited edition items, exclusive items reserved just for the subscription holders and no one else!
Each beauty box contains three to seven full-size products--plus extras and shipping is included.

Each month you will have delivered to your door a beauty box full of mystery items, It be a mixture of new products (as a subscriber you get to have them before the general public ) limited edition products or products exclusive to subscribers.

What will I get?

So each month a selection of either new, limited edition or subscriber only products are carefully selected just for box subscibers, It may be products not even on our website as Mystic Mermaid is constantly launching new and exciting body care items. 

We will also add items from our other suppliers in the way of cosmetic items, make up and gifts as we are able to

Im international, why is my box more expensive?

Each box contains the same products, be it New zealand, Australia or the rest of the world, The difference in price is due the the shipping costs only.

Am I saving money if I subscribe?

Yes you definitly are, The products chosen all have a retail value so as an example, if you live in New Zealand and purchase a mini box for $29.99 you are paying for $25 worth of products and a shipping cost of $ 4.99

But as a subscriber the products are discounted for you by a minimum 10% so you are in reality getting $27.80 worth of products

The midi boxes are discounted by a minimumof 15% so for $41.99 you will get $37 worth of products and a shipping cost of $ 4.99, but with the discount of 15% it is in fact $43.50 worth of products

The maxi boxes are discounted by a minimum of 20% so for $59.99 you will get $ 53 worth of products and pay $6.99 for shipping, but with the discount of 20% you are actually recieving $66.30 worth of products.

The discounts apply exactly the same for Australia and the rest of the world subscribers

Why do they ony ship out on the 20th of the month?

Because they are a mystery box, we want everyone to recieve them at the same time ,that way there are no spoiler alerts on face book etc

How do the payments work?

You are charged for your first box as soon as you subscribe and future boxes are charged on the 14th of each month

As an example:You subscribe on the 8th of the month, You are charged for your first box straight away, then 6 days later it is the 14th, you do not get charged again until the 14th of the following month as you have already paid for the first months box.


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