Shampoo Bars


The Many Benefits of Syndet Solid Shampoo Bar

These solid shampoo bars won’t strip hair of oils and they’re gentle enough for even color-treated hair.

There’s no plastic waste with solid shampoo bars because there are no bottles. Therefore these little beauties are zero waste & eco friendly. Plus it’s an easy way to reduce plastic waste in your home.

You will use way less shampoo. Just one bar is the equivalent to three standard shampoo bottles.

Because they’re made using gentle surfactants, they don’t cause scalp irritation. Unlike liquid shampoos.

Shampoo bars have a lower PH than soap-based shampoo bars. Therefore there’s no awkward transition period while your hair adjusts.

Finally, they just work! They do the job they were made to perform better than bottled shampoo brands.


Soap vs. Syndet

Syndets are recommended for cleansing sensitive skin and even baby skin, as they are far more gentle and skin-friendly than traditional soaps. But remember that the anionic surfactants contained in syndets may cause sensitization problems in reactive skins. Nonetheless, even though syndets might prove to be a source of irritation for a small segment of the population, they are undoubtedly much more recommendable than traditional soaps.