Happy Halloween

  • Halloween Mystery Bag

Halloween Mystery Bag

  • $50.00

Last year we did the amazingly popular blood-red Bloodfest IV Bag body wash, This year we are going one better!

Introducing the Halloween Surprise Mystery Bag, With all sorts of Halloween themed products, Limited edition items only ever available at Halloween and full of ghoulish goodies to lavish and enjoy.

**There is a 2 to 4 day shipping time for these bags due to the customisation of the IV Bags xx

Including the limited edition blood fest body wash of your selected fragrance, With over 20 fragrances to choose from, Wash yourself this Halloween in a blood-red body wash in your favourite fragrance!

Add to that a selection of Mystic Mermaid products plus other items from our amazing suppliers all Halloween themed.

We have three different bag sizes to suit every budget as well! So let Mystic Mermaid spoil you this Halloween!

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